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Greetings from ABC Preschool Director

I am Kumiko Inui, the director at ABC Preschool. 


I chose to be an elementary school teacher when I was growing up in Kobe, Japan. In Kobe, there were always a few students in my class who had returned from living abroad in different countries. They returned, fluent in the language of the country they lived in and shared fascinating stories of their lives abroad.


These students exposed me to individualized instruction, where each student's individuality is valued. At the time, mass instruction was mainstream in Japan where everyone learns the same curriculum in the same way. Soon Japan also recognized that everyone is different and started moving its teaching style in that direction. I have always believed that children should learn their differences, understand them and respect each other. Now, 30 years later and moving from Kobe to San Francisco my feelings have not changed.

I believe that it is important that a child feels loved and is accepted by the adults around him/her such as his/her family and teachers during this crucial period when a child is discovering who he/she is and is forming his/her sense of self. Wouldn't it be wonderful if each child could be in an environment where he/she could discover his/her passions and talents?  

Our goal here at ABC Preschool is "A Healthy Mind & Healthy Body." Many teachers here speak primarily in their native language of Japanese, and we include Japanese cultural events and songs in our curriculum. We hope that through play, the children will learn to respect each other and grow up healthy in mind and body.

We aim to find a balance of 和 (wa or Japanese) and 洋 (yo-u or Western) in our learning environment and we hope to impart to the children a sense of the Japanese heart along with their cultural traditions.

The teachers here have a child development permit recognized by the California Board of Education, teaching credentials and are fluent in Japanese and English (and some speak Chinese). Their positive and thoughtful personalities and warm demeanor have won the affection of the students and families of ABC students past and present.


Our teachers are all talented and experienced with a variety of skills and degrees including teaching experience in both the US and Japan, experience as a psychologist, pharmacist and a taiko performer.

At ABC Preschool, we have 6 classroom teachers to 35 students and 2 administrators. We value the interactions we have with each child and their family.

Ms. Inui, Director       Mrs. Hanaoka, ex-Director

           Ms. Tanaka, ex-Director/Founder

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