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ABC Preschool is conducted primarily in Japanese in a safe and enriching environment.

We have a unique curriculum that balances art, music, physical education, Japanese, English, science, math, taiko and cooking.


We introduce not only Japanese cultural traditions but American and other cultures in hopes that the children grow up with open minds toward others with different backgrounds.


We also go on short field trips to nearby parks and libraries and participate in events with other schools and within the community.


ABC Preschool has been assessed and highly rated by ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale), an internationally recognized evidence based educational quality improvement tool, and also rated high in the City of San Francisco and State of California by CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System).

Goals Based on Development

Momo Class 3-4 years old (17-18 students total)

Getting used to a structured school day and gaining independence

Building a stable and trusting relationship with teachers and classmates

Socialization through play


Sakura Class 4-5 years old (17-18 students total)

 Improving communication skills

A healthy active body

A more academic program in preparation for kindergarten

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