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ABC Preschool Philosophy

At ABC Preschool, our goal is for our students to develop a “Healthy mind and Healthy body”.  We wish for our students to grow in a well-balanced environment harmonizing both the mind and the body.  In an enriched Japanese environment through “play” we want our students to gain:


Language development and cognitive development by having the knowledge and ability to speak and understand the Japanese Language.


Emotional development and social development by experiencing social encounters and learn to think and feel for others and being able to express their emotions.


Physical development by moving their bodies. 


We, the staff, wish to teach our students, who live in the American society, the Japanese “mind and heart” that was preciously brought down generation to generation. 

To make that happen, we have created and set up a curriculum incorporating traditional and cultural celebrations and events, songs and folk tales so the children can achieve an in depth understanding of the Japanese tradition and culture.


We also introduce and teach our students about other countries and cultures in addition to English instruction, songs and games.  We believe and want our students to establish a foundation of their basic understanding and respect toward other people and other cultures. 

Our History

ABC Preschool was started by Ms. Shigeko Tanaka in 1980 in one room of Pine Methodist Church located in the Richmond district of San Francisco. The school obtained a license in 1981 and has since been operating as a Japanese and English Bilingual preschool and has had over 500 students over the past 30+ years.


In 1995, Ms. Tanaka retired and the ownership of the school was transferred to Pine Methodist Church. Mrs. Ayako Hanaoka then became the director until 2008. She established a unique curriculum that includes not only Japanese cultural traditions but those of the US and of other countries. During this time, the school experienced a dramatic growth. Since 2008, Ms. Kumiko Inui has been the director.


ABC Preschool has been successful in developing bilingual children in a fun and healthy environment with support from the church and ABC parents.

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